Sheryll Prowse JP - Civil Marriage Celebrant - Wagga Wagga, NSW. 



“Time should not be measured by how many breaths we take but rather by how many moments take our breath away."

I am so priviliged to have the opportunity to share with couples and their families one of the happiest moments of their lives when they begin a new life together.

 I would like to thank  the following couples who have been married   recently for allowing me to be a part of their special day and to congratulate them and wish them every happiness for their future together. There have been many beautiful brides, great venues and the most amazing organisation - all combined to make for many wonderful weddings. 


You may now share your love with a kiss!

   Mr & Mrs Creasy- Paul & Tracy- The Manor. A lovely lunchtime wedding with family and friends followed by a 4 week honeymoon to Canada.

  Mr & Mrs Gerhard- William & Jane -Roseleigh Manor. A beautiful setting overlooking the green fields for an afternoon wedding shared with approx 100 guests.

  Mr & Mrs Petterson- Brett & Erin- Collins Park. A perfect afternoon and location for a garden wedding .

  Mr & Mrs Gilbert- Nathan & Allana - Palm & Pawn. A lovely wedding with a mauve theme and Alana had co-ordinated every minor detail  to make a perfect picture.

 Mr & Mrs Timo- Roy & Rebecca- Mangoplah. What a fantastic setting- high on the hilltop- with the reception marquee one level lower - a truly special location followed by a honeymoon in Nepal.

Mr & Mrs Hutchinson- Leigh & Rebecca- Tree Chapel. A beautiful morning wedding with perfect weather and a perfect day followed by a honeymoon to the Gold Coast.

Mr & Mrs Emmett- Lynda & Kieran - Victory Memorial Gardens. A lovely morning wedding- so special at that time of day.

 Mr & Mrs McCrea- Vicky-Lee & Scott- Tree Chapel. A lovely location for the wedding which complimented the beautiful daffodil dresses of the bridal party.


Mr & Mrs Clifton- Simon & Lakeisha- Ampitheatre. With a very hot day predicted the Ampitheatre was the perfect place for a wedding. With shade, water background & a breeze blowing. Lakiesha was an absolutely beautiful bride- dressed in a stunning white dress. They will be pleased to return to Queensland after our very hot weather.

Mr & Mrs Lawson- Patrick & Cara- Ashmont City Golf Club- A wonderful location for both the morning wedding and reception. Patrick & Cara were married under the gazebo with a background of the billabong and the golf course. Golf buggies ( with ribbon) added to the theme  and were used to transport the guests & bridal party to the wedding.

 Mr & Mrs Picciolo- Trent & Malinda- Borambola Winery- A perfect setting for both the wedding and the reception with magnificent gardens, a water feature and looking out over the paddocks for miles.. The guests joined in the fun with the bridal party in wearing thongs with a great time being had by all.

Mr & Mrs Arentz- Todd & Alex-Magpies Nest- A great location for both the wedding & reception with guests enjoying the beautiful setting and views across to the city. Alex looked very radiant as she arrived for  her handsome groom in a magnificent horse & carriage.

Mr & Mrs Boyes- Michael & Tegan- Bamboo Gardens- A fairytale wedding for a couple who have only just moved from Brisbane - with a perfect day, lovely gardens with a  water backdrop and a beautiful bride.

Mr & Mrs Landry- Craig & Karen- The Manor- A lovely wedding with the service being conducted by myself in conjunction with Karen's close friend- Matthew Austin. Karen looked beautiful in a Grecian style gown. The couple are heading off to live in the Solomon Islands for three years.

Mr & Mrs Burcher- Amy & Matthew- Roseleigh Manor - New Year's Eve- What a fabulous way to end a year and begin the New Year as a married couple. A magic afternoon, beautiful bride  in a great setting for the wedding and New year's Eve celebrations.

Mr & Mrs Murdoch- Alex & Leigh- St Peter's Chapel - A special way to start the New Year with a beautiful Scottish themed wedding in this lovely chapel. A very radiant & beautiful bride greeted the groom who along with the male members of the bridal party all wore kilts. Leigh was piped in by a Scottish piper.

Mr & Mrs Gleeson- Todd & Elizabeth- St. Peter's Chapel- The chapel provided the perfect setting for a very serene & beautiful afternoon wedding. Elizabeth and her girls were dressed in gorgeous champagne coloured dresses and looked an absolute picture.

Mr & Mrs Hare- Sonia & Phillip- Bamboo Gardens-A beautiful morning wedding on a very warm day with the cool waters and green grass of the Bamboo Gardens providing a lovely setting.

Mr & Mrs Eldridge- Bruce & Cathy- Ladysmith- A lovely luncheon wedding with happy & surprised birthday guests enjoying a wedding celebration.

Mr & Mrs Seaman-Briohny & Trent- Bamboo Gardens- A very special afternoon ( the rain cleared for the wedding leaving the gardens fresh and green). A very elegant & happy couple who celebrated their wedding in a beautiful setting followed by their reception at the Wagga Country Club.

Mr & Mrs Hubbard- Warwick & Ashleigh- Brucedale Chapel- A perfect day with a very happy and excited couple. Ashleigh looked beautiful  and the Chapel grounds were green and beautifully prepapred after recent rains.

Mr & Mrs Beckett- Aran & Latisha- Oura Winery- A very relaxed and beautiful lunchtime wedding with the vines at the Oura Winery as the background.

Mr & Mrs McManus- Shaun & Sharon- Victory Memorial Gardens- A perfect afternoon for a garden wedding with a radiant bride in the lovely setting near the roses in the Memorial Gardens.

Mr & Mrs Flint- Sue & Richard- Uranquinty- A very special couple whom I have known for many years- shared their special day with family in their beautiful gardens on Easter Saturday.

Mr & Mrs Taylor- Michael & Alyce- Bamboo Gardens- A perfect autumn afternoon in the Botanic Gardens was a beautiful setting for an afternoon wedding. A radiant bride and very happy groom made for a picture perfect wedding.

Mr & Mrs Saarenpaa- Kirsty & Jarmo- Cottontails on the Ridge- A very happy couple greeted guests to their wedding & reception at this superb location .

Mr & Mrs Collie-Sam & Emily- Borambola Winery- A magical setting for a beautiful wedding with every detail organised. Emily was a beautiful bride and was greeted by her handsome groom. Despite the rain the wedding was able to go ahead on the wide verandahs of the homestead with a backdrop of beautiful autumn gardens.

Mr & Mrs Bates- Lindsay & Sue- Lake Albert- A reaffirmation service celebrating 25 years of love and ongoing commitment. A very moving afternoon ( I have known them both and their family for many of those years) . Sue looked very much the radiant and nervous bride.

Mr & Mrs Dumigan- Ricky & Stephanie- The Manor- A very happy & radiant couple who chose the perfect location ( with warm log fires) on such a cold day.

Mr & Mrs Winters- Stuart & Jane- Oura Winery- A rustic setting among the vineyards with the warmth of the log fires  on a very cold day was a lovely place for a wedding in the winter.

Mr & Mrs Osakpamwan- Chris & Lorena- Jubilee Park -Cootamundra- A lovely park setting on a cold winter's day with the sun warming the guests & the bridal party.

 Mr & Mrs Painter- Robert & Jessica-Ampitheatre Civic Gardens- A perfect day and a beautiful setting with the Lagoon as a backdrop for a lovely wedding.

Mr & Mrs Blackwell- David & Therese- Tolland- A beautiful home garden was ablaze with Spring colour and the perfect setting for a relaxed  wedding.

Mr & Mrs Godden- Aran & Angela- Tree Chapel, Botanic Gardens- A beautiful afternoon in a perfect setting provided the scene for a lovely wedding.

Mr & Mrs McAlister- Peter & Virginia- Nargoon Winery, Gundagai-A beautiful lunchtime wedding set in the  gorgeous gardens of the Nargoon Winery. A perfect day and a very relaxed couple set the tone for a most enjoyable afternoon.

Mr & Mrs Leaver- Tanya & Mitchell- Sweet Briar, Coolamon- This very quaint B&B was a great setting for this wedding. Tanya looked beautiful in a stunning white dress accompanied by her  bridesmaids in red.

Mr & Mrs Shephard- Melissa & Adam- Murrumbidgee Turf Club, Wagga Wagga- A picturesque setting for this wedding with the Champagne Bar close by and beautifully decorated for the reception.

Mr & Mrs Ryan- Mark & Rosie- St Peter's Chapel-A very serene & perfect setting for this morning wedding. The bride wore a stunnng grey dress and the chapel and altar were an ideal backdrop for the photos.

Mr & Mrs Speerin- Henry & Aileen- Bamboo Gardens- The gardens were a picturesque setting for a lovely late afternoon wedding followed by a reception at The Manor.

Mr & Mrs Harvey- Cameron & Kira- Bamboo Gardens- A beautiful afternoon wedding in a picturesque setting.

Mr & Mrs Braneley- Peter & Belinda- Cottontails on the Ridge- A lovely morning wedding at the newly extended winery- overlooking the rolling paddocks.

Mr & Mrs McCallum- Dean & Tarran- Tree Chapel- Another lovely afternoon wedding in a serene and peaceful setting.

 Mr & Mrs Blencowe- Mark & Janet- Bamboo Gardens- A small, intimate  wedding which was to be a surprise to guests who thought they were attending an engagement party. Janet was piped in by a Scottish piper.

Mr & Mrs Sheather- John & Kymberley- Brucedale Chapel- A  perfect & very peaceful  location especially on such a windy day. A very moving ceremony.

 Mr & Mrs Crowley- Kieren & Helen- Garden Court- A lovely wedding which was held indoors due to the rain. This meant the restauranta and wedding had a picturesque backdrop of the Gardens.

Mr & Mrs Maher- Edward & Nicole- Magpies Nest- A beautiful wedding - held indoors and which overlooked the rain soaked paddocks after a ferocious storm.

Mr & Mrs Harley- John & Dee- Magpies Nest- A beautiful wedding made very very special by the surprise arrival of the bride's Mother from England.

Mr & Mrs Mackay- Ben & Jessica- Bamboo Gardens- A perfect afternoon & setting for  their  a very enjoyable & relaxed wedding.

Mr & Mrs Krecko- Michael & Janine-North Wagga- A private & secluded beach setting was perfect for the wedding.

 Mr & Mrs Peat- Shane & Sarah- Bamboo Gardens - Another perfect afternoon & setting followed by their reception at the Garden Court.

Mr & Mrs Price- Ryan & Hillary- Ampitheatre- Civic Gardens - The bride's mother and family flew from Canada to share this very serene & special wedding. The gardens and water feature provided a lovely setting for the wedding. It was also a special occasion for me as I officiated at my 750th wedding.

Mr & Mrs Southon- John & Anastasia- Brucedale Chapel- A very sunny & beautiful winter's day in a picturesque chapel & garden setting set the scene for this happy wedding.

Mr & Mrs Zahari- Edrei & Melissa- Magpies Nest- Another picturesque setting & beautiful winter's  day for this very happy couple from Malaysia.

Mr & Mrs Jenkinson- Brett & Candy- Native Gardens- A perfect Spring morning wedding in the Native Gardens at the Botanic Gardens.

Mr & Mrs Bradshaw- Craig & Alisha- Riverine Club- A fun and enjoyable wedding shared with family & friends on a beautiful Spring afternoon.

 Mr & Mrs Muskee- Dean & Julie- The Manor- A great location for a very happy couple on a cold Spring morning.

Mr & Mrs Grieve- Hannah & Joel- St Peter's Chapel- A very happy couple who chose St Peter's as the perfect setting for their picturesque Spring wedding.

Mr & Mrs Gray - Andrew & Tracy  - Bethungra B & B- A historical old world setting for this lovely and very happy couple who had travelled all the way from Adelaide.

Mr & Mrs Hocking- Olive & Ray- Bamboo Gardens- Celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a renewal of vows ceremony- what a wonderful milestone. The weather was perfect ( after several very wet days previously) and Ray arrived on a Harley motorcycle- much to the delight of family and friends.

Mr & Mrs Robertson- Adam & Caroline- Borambola Winery- A perfect afternoon and perfect venue  for a very enjoyable and relaxed wedding.

Mr & Mrs McInnes- Jesse & Crystal- Bamboo Gardens- Despite the threat of inclement weather the happy couple were able to have a very special morning wedding in the gardens.

Mr & Mrs Irish- Daniel & Regine- Borambola Winery- Another perfect afternoon & picturesque setting for this delightful Spring wedding. The very happy couple held their reception at the Riverine Club.

Mr & Mrs Goldsworthy- Tim & Jessica- St Peter's Chapel- A very happy couple & a very romantic setting for a special  Sunday morning wedding.

Mr & Mrs Lyons- Romola & Matthew- Bamboo Gardens- A picturesque setting on a very warm afternoon for this lovely afternoon wedding.

Mr & Mrs Thompson- Darrin & Kerrie- Bamboo Gardens-  Another beautiful wedding in the Gardens. An early afternoon storm cleared to a great afternoon for a wedding.

Mr & Mrs Pandya- Arpan & Micaela- The Pavilion- An early morning wedding for a lovely couple who are soon heading off to spend 3 years in the UAR.

Mr & Mrs Desborough- Paul & Glenys- Euberta Hall- A small wedding of family & friends on a very warm afternoon in a very rural setting. Fortunately an afternoon breeze made it a little cooler.

Mr & Mrs Peterson- Carl & Sonia- Bamboo Gardens- A very happy couple on   warm Sunday afternoon but a late shower certainly dropped the temperature.

Mr & Mrs Gaffey- Troy & Lisa- Bamboo Gardens - A picture perfect wedding in the Gardens at 11am on Remembrance Day. Red for the bridesmaids was the perfect colour against the green gardens.

Mr & Mrs Burns- Michael & Daniel- Orange Grove Gardens- Culcairn- A wonderful garden venue for both the wedding  and reception.  Danielle's family flew from USA for the wedding- much to her delight.

Mr & Mrs MacDonald- Scott & Sarah- St Peter's Chapel- A very hot afternoon for this happy & lovely young couple from Queensland- but St Peter's air conditioning kept everyone cool. Sarah chose buttercup yellow as her theme.

Mr & Mrs King- Janine & Wayne- Glenfield- A fun wedding which was held inside due to the inclement weather. Lots of great photos taken in their  " Salts of the Earth" salt room.

 Mr & Mrs Tuck- Rachael & Michael-Magpies Nest- How very lucky can a couple be. With tumultuous rain on the days before and after, Rachael & Michael had fine weather  in a picturesque setting and were able to share a lovely afternoon with friends & family.

Mr & Mrs Ceeney- Andrew & Jacinta- Victory Memorial Gardens- Another couple who were very fortunate with the weather. With winds and rain in the rain, they were able to enjoy a lovely afternoon wedding.

 Mr & Mrs Craig- Matthew & Nicole- St Peter's Chapel- The Chapel set the scene for a beautiful Easter wedding. A very happy couple and a radiant bride enjoyed thei special day.

Mr & Mrs Balchin- Tom & Susie- Borambola Winery- A perfect day and a perfect location for this very happy couple. The wedding was followed by savouries & wine in the garden.

Mr & Mrs Hooker-John & Susan- Brucedale Chapel- Another perfect afternoon in a picturesque setting. The bride looked stunning in a cream ruffled dress and the ceremony was accompanied by a group of 3 string musicians.

Mr & Mrs Holmes- Chris & Natasha- Bamboo Gardens- A beautiful Sunday afternoon wedding followed by a reception at the Country Comfort.

Mr & Mrs Smith-Steve & Kerrie- Uranquinty- An afternoon & evening filled with fun & laughter as Kerrie & Steve shared their day with over 100 family & friends. The wedding had Harley Davidsons as the theme.

Mr & Mrs Allen- Korryn & Brett- St Peter's Chapel- The perfect location for a special wedding on the first day of Spring.

Mr & Mrs King- Courtney & Steven- Bamboo Gardens- A beautiful afternoon wedding in the Gardens followed by a reception at the Golf Club overlooking Lake Albert.

Mr & Mrs Crain- Melissa & Richard- Ampitheatre- Another delightful Spring afternoon. The lagoon & Civic Theatre provided a splendid backdrop for a very relaxed and enjoble wedding.

Mr & Mrs Webber- Daniel & Geraldine- Garden Court Restauarant, Botanic Gardens. A wonderful setting despite the unpleasant weather outside for a very relaxed and happy wedding.

Mr & Mrs Tonkin- Andrew & Renee- Brucedale Chapel.The perfect afternoon wedding- a beautiful bride, superb setting & very happy couple & guests- a reception at the Magpies.' Nest followed

Mr & Mrs Moorhead- Paige & Andrew- Bamboo Gardens. Another perfect afternoon wedding in the picturesque Bamboo Gardens for the very happy couple.

Mr & Mrs Phelps- David & Claire- Bamboo Gardens- Another beautiful afternoon wedding in the Garden. November is just perfect for weddings. A  reception followed at the Riverine Club.

Mr & Mrs Ross- Brent & Rhiannon- Bamboo Gardens- A lovely couple who enjoyed a superb afternoon in the Gardens followed by a reception with friends and family at the Garden Court Restaurant.

Mr & Mrs Heffey- Mathew & Alissa- Glenfield- A very & enjoyable afternoon wedding  in their home garden surrounded by friends & family.

Mr & Mrs Richardson-Peter & Renee- Bamboo Gardens-Once again the Bamboo Gardens provided a magical setting for this afternoon wedding. With a beautiful bride & every detail planned the wedding was an afternoon to remember.

Mr & Mrs Nicholls- Tim & Kelly - St. Peter's Chapel-The perfect location for a very memorable wedding on a warm afternoon. Kelly looked stunning and the wedding was followed by a reception at the Murrumbidgee Turf Club.

Mr & Mrs Leitch- Eddie & Deborah- Cartwright's Hill- A lovely afternoon wedding in a great location- surrounded by family & friends.

Mr & Mrs Keough- Jeremy & Alexandra- Brucedale Chapel- Even though it was a very warm Australia Day wedding the location was green & picturesque.

Mr & Mrs Veneris- Peter& Sarah- Willan's Hill- Another Australia Day wedding with panoramic views across Wagga Wagga.

Mr & Mrs Nicholes- Stephen & Samantha- Bamboo Gardens- A very hot afternoon wedding but a welcoming,cool recepton at the Garden Court followed.

Mr & Mrs Hartley- Shane & Sara- St Peter's Chapel- A perfect location for a  hot afternoon wedding followed by a reception at the Country Club overlooking Lake Albert.

Mr & Mrs Wooden- Ken & Margaret- Murrumbidgee Turf Club- A very special afternoon for two lovely people- surrounded by loving  friends & family.

Mr & Mrs Ryan-Emma & Hamish- Magpies Nest- It was a delight & my great pleasure to celebrate my 800th wedding with this lovely couple. A perfect location and every detail planned to exude love and warmth.

Mr & Mrs Heinjus- Kris & Amber- Carriage House Motor Inn- A very hot afternoon in the Rose Garden at the Carriage House but shared & enjoyed by family & friends.

 Mr & Mrs Hurst- Simon & Michelle- Brucedale Chapel- A perfect afternoon wedding shared by delighted family & friends in  picturesque surroundings . A reception at the Golf Club overlooking Lake Albert followed.

Mr & Mrs Hutchinson- Angela & James- Tree Chapel, Botanic Gardens- A lovely Autumn wedding - in a very pretty setting. They shared the evening with family & friends at the RSL

Mr & Mrs Warren- Carla & Travis- Bamboo Gardens- A very delighted couple & family shared a beautiful Easter afternoon in the Gardens.

Mr & Mrs Mack- Joseph & Melinda- Tree Chapel, Botanic Gardens- Another very happy couple on a perfect Easter Saturday afternoon. Melinda made an exciting & surprise entrance on a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Mr & Mrs Platt- Robert & Erica- Lake Albert- A perfect & picturesque  morning wedding by the tranquil waters of Lake Albert. Erica's parents & family travelled from Korea for the wedding.

 Mr & Mrs Magnusson-Mattias & Louise- Temora- A romantic & picturesque country location for this very special couple. The ceremony was shared with close family.

 Mr & Mrs McManus- Joel & Sophie- Borambola Winery- A very happy couple & a superb setting set the scene for a beautiful  wedding.

Mr & Mrs McIntyre- Bernard ( Poss) & Dianne- Hetherington Grove- Wagga Country Club- Having known Di & Poss for many years I was delighted to officate at their wedding- a superb setting and another beautiful afternoon. How lucky can a couple be.

Mr & Mrs Dumaresq- Stuart & Kellie- " Monavale" Ladysmith- This was one of the nicest weddings I have had the pleasure of attending. Set in a picturesque location ( property owned by Stuart's parents) . It was a morning wedding- weather was perfect- sun shining and lovely temperature. Everyone  enjoying themselves. Just perfect.

 Mr & Mrs Roberts- Angela & Darren- Bamboo Gardens- A radiant bride and a handsome groom totally enjoyed their wedding day. Set in the picturesque Botanic Gardens- it was a afternoon when their dreams came true.

Mr & Mrs McIntyre ( Jamie & Melissa)- Brucedale Chapel- A very relaxed and happy wedding when a lovely couple celebrate their marriage with family & friends in a perfect setting.

 Mr & Mrs Minehan ( Keith & Katherine)- Bamboo Gardens- Picturesque gardens formed the backdrop for a very relaxed and happy couple to share their special day with family & friends.

Mr & Mrs Maxwell ( Scott & Jenny) - Borambola Winery- A superb late afternoon wedding- just prior to Xmas. Surrounded by very happy friends & family, they then enjoyed their evening at the winery reception venue.

Mr & Mrs Baxter ( Andrew & Rhiannon) -Bamboo Gardens- Another delightful & happy couple who truly enjoyed the company of their family & friends at their wedding  in the Bamboo Gardens. Their reception was held at Cache. 

Mr & Mrs Greig ( Joshua & Jemma) - Magpies Nest- A wonderful setting looking out over vineyards and across to the city for the marriage of a very happy couple. It was also an opportunity for me to catch up with several friends whom I had known for many years. A perfect afternoon wedding.

Mr & Mrs Heron- (Aydan & Tiffany)- Brucedale Chapel- March weddings are certainly the perfect time for a wedding and the Brucedale Chapel was looking resplendent - as always- for  a lovely couple. With approx. 50 guests it was the perfect number for a relaxed afternoon wedding in the Chapel and then a chance to spend time  in the beautiful gardens with family & friends. The reception followed at the Wagga Country Club


  Marriage is a promise
That two hearts gladly make
A promise to be tender
To help, to give to take
A marriage is a promise
To be kind and understanding
To be thoughtful and considerate
Fair and understanding
A marriage is a promise
To share one life together
A love- filled promise meant to be kept lovingly forever.


"Work as if it was your first day. Forgive as soon as possible.
Love without boundaries. Laugh without control and never stop smiling."

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