Sheryll Prowse JP - Civil Marriage Celebrant - Wagga Wagga, NSW. 



Documentation :

A Notice of Intended Marriage Form - supplied by me or may be downloaded from the links page on this site must be completed and lodged with me at least one month (by law) prior to the wedding. The form should be signed either in the Celebrant's presence or witnessed by an authorised person . This document is valid for 18 mths.

Both parties in a marriage must be 18 years or over.

You require birth certificates or if from overseas an overseas passport ( not Australian) for identification and if you have been previously married, documentary evidence of how that marriage ended.

I will also need to sight a photo ID ( e.gdriver's licence) as proof of identity.

  • Once lodged with me the Notice of Intention is valid for 18mths.
  • You need to complete the Marriage Declaration ( supplied by me) in my presence prior to your wedding, declaring that there is no legal impediment to marriage with your partner.
  • At the ceremony there must be two witnesses ( 18 years or over)
  • All official documentation will then be lodged by me with the Register - General of Births, Deaths and Marriages.
  • I will present your official Marriage Certificate to you and a complimentary copy of your Wedding Service Booklet.
  • Your marriage is registered online on the day of your ceremony .
  • To obtain a certified copy of your marriage certificate ( required to change your name on your  driver's licence and for some other official papers) you will need to apply to Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages and pay the appropriate fee ( approx. $45). Further information is available from the links page of this site.




Locating documents which the Marriage Celebrant needs to sight before the wedding ceremony

Birth certifcates- Births, Deaths & Marriages- state in which you were born

Divorce documents: Family Law Court- or your solicitor should have a copy.

Death certificate: Births, Deaths & Marriages- State office- where death was registered.



A statement of fees will be provided at our first meeting and these should be paid at least one week prior to the wedding.

Changing your name after Marriage

Traditionally a wife changes her name to that of her husband once she marries. There is no legal requirement that she does that.

If she chooses to take her husband's name she will need to change her name on many important papers including her driver's licence. In NSW a certified copy of the Marriage Certificate must be obtained to do this. ( See links page).

Changing your name on legal documents:
If you are changing your name there are a number of documents which will need to be changed. Below is a checklist:
  • Wills 
  • Drivers Licence
  • Passport
  • Car registration, Insurance
  • Electoral office
  • Australian Tax Office
  • Credit cards- Bank, Building Society, Credit Union accounts
  • Investment accounts
  • Insurance policies. Superannuation ( change your beneficiary to your spouse)
  • Mortgages, rental agreements
  • Property titles
  • Council rates
  • Utility bills
  • Library
  • Government agencies- Medicare,
  • Memberships- organisations, health clubs, local clubs, frequent flyers etc
  • Doctor, dentist, health care professionals.
  • Blood donor card
  • Accountant, solicitor etc
  • Work- personnel office for pay slip, taxes, super etc.
  • Work related stationery, business cards etc.
You may require a number of copies (witnessed by a JP) of your certified marriage certificate to change your name on official forms of identification and other papers.
As a Justice of the Peace I will be pleased to witness these if required.



"A kiss and all was said."- Victor Hugo




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