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Wedding Service


The purpose of a wedding is to declare a man and woman's deep and lasting commitment to each other .  

Each makes to the other an unconditional vow of love and affection.

A wedding is, very simply, an occasion where a man and a woman enter into an unreserved and lifelong commitment.

Your wedding may be very simple or large if you prefer.

There is no need for special clothes, flowers, vehicles, processions, photography, food, drink or guests.   All that  is required are the public words of commitment, the rings, certificates and 2 witnesses.


There are many options available when choosing a service for your wedding. I will provide a large selection from which to choose or you may care to write your own, or source from cards, books or the internet.

A beautiful book, Create Your Own Inspiring Wedding Ceremony, by Wendy Haynes is available for purchase in hard copy or eBook form. This book provides an excellent resource if you wish to write your own ceremony in part or full.


A simple outline of order of service is as follows:


Introduction - A welcome followed by the principles of belief surrounding marriage.

Reading - Your choice of verse or prose. These may be read by myself, a family member or friend.

Giving Away ( optional) - Traditionally the father 'gives away the bride'. This can be structured to be more family support for both the bride and groom and can include all parents- or simply be 'given away' by a friend or family member.

The Asking- A formal question in relation to your intentions.

Declaration- (From the Marriage Act 1961-Essential) Public statement from the celebrant about their legal authorization of the ceremony.

Vows- Your promises to each other. They need to acknowledge your life-long commitment but can also say anything that you wish to promise to each other.

Exchange of Rings- one or two rings.

Reading - Another verse or prose.

Followed by.......

Declaration ( and embrace)

Signing of Register & Certicate - requires 2 adult witnesses- (18 years or over)

Introduction of couple & official presentation of certificate

Congratulations from guests.

                                           "Today you celebrate not only yesterday's memories, but today's love and all the tomorrows you have to look forward to"



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