Sheryll Prowse JP - Civil Marriage Celebrant - Wagga Wagga, NSW. 

Wedding Day




ON YOUR WEDDING DAY                       

Almost without exception "Your Wedding" can be very exciting but very stressful, but knowing what will be happening and having the confidence in the person you have entrusted to perform your ceremony can eliminate most of this stress enabling you to concentrate on looking beautiful and making your entrance. I ask that you be punctual - "late" for the bride means five minutes - as I may have other engagements after yours.

I will provide (for other than very small weddings) a quality and professional PA system which includes a cordless microphone that I will use and a lapel microphone for the groom. This ensures that the service is delivered in a clear and precise manner to all guests. It also ensures that special words exchanged between the couple such as vows may be clearly heard. The PA system also provides the capability to remotely operate/play music from a CD or thumb drive as required.



I have listed what will be happening before you arrive:

Preparation for the ceremony

As your celebrant I will:

  1.  Meet the groom and introduce my myself to the best man and other members of the bridal party at least 20 minutes prior to the ceremony.
  2. Check the rings, flowers and buttonholes have not been forgotten.
  3. Check the area for the ceremony with the groom and best man to ensure that they know where they will be standing.
  4. Check that the music (string quartet, singer, harpist etc) is prepared and positioned.
  5. Test microphones and PA system.
  6. Check the table and chairs for the signing of the wedding certificate  are in place.
  7. Meet with photographer to discuss arrangements for the ceremony.



  • I will then introduce myself to the family and friends and assist in setting the tone for the day with a happy and friendly atmosphere.
  • If family and friends are participating in the ceremony and not in the bridal party, notify them that I shall be introducing them and where they will stand for the reading.
  • Approximately 5 minutes before the official entrance of the bride I will ask the guests to proceed to the designated area and ensure the parents and grand parents are seated in the front.
  • We will then await the arrival of the bride.
  • As the bride is about to make her entrance I will ask guests to stand.
  • When the bride is in position I will ask guests to be seated, wait for music to conclude and then commence the ceremony. 


Once the ceremony is completed we will need to sign the register and Marriage Certificate. This is usually witnessed by the best man and chief bridesmaid, but anyone over 18yrs is suitable. I will provide a beautiful white feather pen  for signing.

After the certificates have been completed I will introduce you as husband and wife. You may then walk down the aisle followed by the bridal party, parents and guests. Normally at this point a short photograph and congratulations session will be held and then the formal photographs and festivities commence.




                                                                       "A special day for you, a day to remember forever."


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